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Protective Envelopes (Not Padded)Up one level

Board Back - view all

  • New Guardian C4 Envelope Window BoardBack Manilla (Pack of 125) B26526
  • New Guardian Envelope 444x368mm Board Back Manilla (Pack of 50) C27726
  • New Guardian C4 Envelopes Board Back Manilla (Pack of 125) H26326
  • New Guardian C3 Envelope Board Back 130gsm Manilla (Pack of 50) K27926
  • Plus Fabric C4 Envelopes Board Back Peel and Seal 120gsm White (Pack of 125) K29470

Other - view all

  • Strong Polythene Mailing Bag 235x320mm Opaque (Pack of 100) HF20209
  • Strong Polythene Mailing Bag 440x320mm Opaque (Pack of 100) HF20210
  • Strong Polythene Mailing Bag 335x430mm Opaque (Pack of 100) HF20211
  • Strong Polythene Mailing Bag 400x430mm Opaque (Pack of 100) HF20212
  • Strong Polythene Mailing Bag 460x430mm Opaque (Pack of 100) HF20213

Unspecified - view all

  • Q-Connect Board Back Envelope 444x368mm 120gsm Manilla Peel and Seal (Pack of 50) KF71467
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