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Envelopes 15x10 (inches)Up one level

Manila Plain - view all

  • New Guardian Envelope 381x254mm Peel/Seal Manilla (Pack of 125) E23513
  • New Guardian Envelope 381x254mm Self Seal Manilla (Pack of 250) J27403

Gusset Plain & Window - view all

  • Plus Fabric Gusset Envelope 381x254x25mm Peel and Seal 120gsm White (Pack of 100) H28866
  • New Guardian Envelope P/Seal 381x254x25mm Manilla (Pack of 100) M27466

Other - view all

  • Q-Connect Envelope 381x254mm Internal Mail Resealable 200gsm Manilla (Pack of 100) KF76979
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